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The Hibiscus Fund for Hope assists lymphoma patients and their families in financing non-OHIP covered costs, and other related costs, associated with their cancer treatment and care. The Hibiscus Fund was established by John Koshan and his wife Nancy Ross following John’s long battle with cancer in 2001.

To date The Hibiscus Fund for Hope has raised over $1.2 million and has provided grants totalling over $300,000 to more than 150 cancer patients and their families, as well as donations to the Office of Community Giving at PMH.

Grant Recipient Quotes
"Thank you for your generosity! Not only does it help us financially but it is especially encouraging emotionally to know that someone cares. A tough time for us, made easier with support and kindness from you. We are very grateful - and profoundly moved."

"Thank you so much for the grant. I cannot tell you how much this means to us. We have been living a nightmare for four months now and have existed on hope alone. It is organizations such as yours that give us strength and help us realize that we are not alone. Again, many thanks for your kindness."
The Hibiscus Fund For Hope
Registered charity within the Princess
Margaret Hospital Foundation.


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