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"I am very honoured to have been part of this fund as well as to have the opportunity to help many of the less fortunate patients cope financially during their treatment. This is a one-of-a kind fund. I know of nothing else like it. There are many other monies within the system (i.e. pharmaceutical companies, grants) that could fund a research scientist, but there are no other ways to help patients cope when the financial strains become overwhelming."

PMH Staff Member

"I know that you are acutely aware of how some of our patients are in financial need and how incredibly helpful the HFFH is to them. I am finding that the fund targets a very important group of patients who are in a very vulnerable and precarious position. They are often the "working poor" who earn just a little bit too much for government assistance, but who remain close to the poverty line and who rarely have any kind of drug benefits or long/short term disability. As a social worker, to be able to offer financial assistance to this group is a privilege and to see, directly, how a relatively small amount of money can help an individual or family through a tremendously difficult time is fantastic. I feel incredibly fortunate in my role as messenger."
PMH Social Worker

"I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with a group of people dedicated to helping cancer patients cope with the various stressors associated with their illnesses. My role in providing evaluations and awarding grants to patients and families in need is a very rewarding part of my job".
PMH Social Worker

"It was such a pleasure to distribute the cheques to R, O and L yesterday. They were all so overcome with gratitude. R was in tears as he had not expected such generosity. He said now he could get his life in order and plan some activities with his son. O was so relieved as he has been trying to keep his business going and was feeling so embarrassed making his cold calls with no hair and feeling so ill. L was delighted and is hoping to return some of her grant money once her unemployment benefits kick in..."
PMH Social Worker

"I often find that people who are working but who are at a very low income and unable to work because of chemotherapy or radiation treatment are often in need of financial assistance. Quite often their work place does not have disability benefits, thus they have to go on Employment Insurance, which is 55% of their very low incomes. Typically, they can't cover their rent or mortgages while they are unable to work. Other people we help are those who are self-employed and do not have access to E.I., thus they have no source of income at all. Also, people who are on government assistance have a very difficult time making ends meet and the fund's gifts to them make their lives just a little easier during treatment - it can allow them to by fresh food which is not always easy when you are feeding a family on absurdly low benefits."

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