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"Thank you for your generosity! Not only does it help us financially but it is especially encouraging emotionally to know that someone cares. A tough time for us, made easier with support and kindness from you. We are very grateful - and profoundly moved."

"Thank you so much for the grant. I cannot tell you how much this means to us. We have been living a nightmare for four months now and have existed on hope alone. It is organizations such as yours that give us strength and help us realize that we are not alone. Again, many thanks for your kindness."

"I just personally wanted to write you to say thank you. The grant has lifted a tremendous weight off me and my family. I never before have felt the generosity of a stranger and it has opened my eyes to how important such charities are. I just wanted to let you know that my progress as of my last CT scan looks more promising than was expected and everywhere I look every cloud has a silver lining and my grass is just as green as anyone else's. Thank you very much for everything."

"To all the wonderful people at The Hibiscus Fund for Hope - A sincere thank you for assisting my son with his expenses. We were drowning financially until your generosity touched our lives. It was hard enough having him in radiation treatments without the added financial demands. On behalf of our entire family, we thank you immensely."

"What is seeming to be the main issue in patients in distress is that they were not prepared to lose their income when they suddenly became ill. Patients who were self employed, students or who have recently changed jobs, or not worked long enough to qualify for benefits are in this category".

"Patients may be eligible for one of the government disability programs if they are going to be disabled for over a year, but this takes 4-6 months to be approved."

"Patients require financial assistance to cover their immediate and basic needs. The anxiety of suddenly not being able to support themselves is both stressful and demoralizing".

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